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Simmons Soccer Is A Non-Profit Organization

The annual player fee for the year is broken into two payments. The first payment is due July 1st. The second payment is due February 1st.

For the Annual Fee amount, please contact us:

Note: Simmons Premier Soccer Club has the option to raise club fees after a session is complete. First session starts July 1st and this covers Fall and indoor play. Second session starts February 1st and this covers Spring Soccer. The club will give all members at least one month’s notice in advance. If you have paid in full for both sessions, we will honor your payment and you will not be charged additional for that year.

All high school players:  When players return to SPSC from high school, the fee is lessened once they enter back into the club. Please contact us for the returning fee amount (email below). We may enter an early college showcase, depending on the number of kids. They will have an option to train 5 days a week under the lights until weather forces us indoors. We will then train once or twice a week at a local indoor facility. All returning players will play 2nd session indoor.

Club Dues Include

  • 2 Outdoor CJSA Premier League Play sessions, Spring and Fall. Note: We break our season into two sessions, Spring & Fall/Winter session.
  • 2nd session at one of our local facilities. Star Hill/Sports World.
  • Renting lights for late season outdoor training/possible friendlies. This will replace 1st session indoor.
  • SPSC pays for one team in each age group for indoor play. Any additional teams will be parent paid (cost is normally $40 to $60 per child). This depends on the number of kids.
  • 2 Outdoor Spring/Fall Tournaments. SPSC paid tournaments, please note: This doesn’t include coaches costs. These are mandatory tournaments; all players must attend.
  • Twice weekly mandatory training sessions (Open option of five days per week).
Club dues are also used for club operational costs such as:
  • Land Lease & Field Maintenance
  • Field Rentals/Referees (SPSC has its own private fields)
  • Web Site Maintenance

Payment Schedule

  • July 1 – 1st Payment
  • February 1 – 2nd Payment

    Please contact us for the Annual Fee amount:

Please see your team manager or coach for payments.


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Medical Release Form

We require all of our players to complete this medical release form when they join the club.

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